A Lifetime in Ibizans

When I was young, in 1973, and looking for the perfect dog for myself I narrowed it down to either an Ibizan Hound, a very rare breed at this time, or a white Bull Terrier. Well I wrote to one of the few breeders of Ibizans, Mrs. Bobbee Preu in Maine, and a Bull Terrier breeder in Pennsylvania. I did not hear back from the Ibizan inquiry but did from the Bull Terrier breeder. I bought a lovely little white Bull Terrier bitch and thought myself lucky. I was looking for a pet. No thoughts on breeding, I had never seen a dog show. When all seemed settled I got a letter, remember letters, from a nephew of Mrs. Preu. She had died and left him with 20 some Ibizans. He offered one to me for free. I just had to pay shipping, which at that time was thirty some dollars.

The little pinto bitch arrived, pretty but a bit frightened. I had never seen a sighthound before. This bitch Amber gave her name to what would become my bloodline. I had a list of dogs and new owners from the estate of Mrs. Preu. I contacted them and the Ibizan Hound club. I was invited to a club meeting and a match. The first Ibizan Hound Club of the U S was held in my living room. This was a bright new world for me. I have always loved dogs. Long story short, I became a member of the club and starting showing my dog in AKC Miscellaneous. There were also Rare Breed shows that I attended with the other Ibizan owners. These were the frontier days.

When I realized that Amber was breed worthy I went in search for the more angular Mallorcan type of Ibizan that so moved me. I found the last Belmonte male and have linebred on him ever since. I have bred conservatively about once in every five years. I am currently retired from breeding.

I enjoyed all the shows, loved meeting all the dog people, and especially loved the lure coursing. But what keeps me in Ibizans is their unique qualities. Their effervescent beauty that must be seen in action. There is nothing that moves me or moves quite like an Ibizan. The magical floating movement, the awe-inspiring leaps. The airs above ground! They leap so effortlessly and appear to hover. They are also loving, if somewhat distracted companions. They make wonderful house dogs if given plenty of time to exercise in a large safe space. Ibizans get along with other dogs in general but particularly they love each other. I generally keep five or more at any time. They play nicely with my Pugs as with my large Hound Shepherd mix. They love people, sometimes too much! I am not the best of trainers. Ibizans can be naughty, especially when young, but generally so good spirited about it that you cannot get angry. It takes a special kind of person to live with the sighthounds, especially Ibizans. They consider themselves your equals. There is never a dull moment with them around.

I cannot imagine life without an Ibizan Hound.

Nan, 2012