Imagine if you will a leggy lithe elegant creature. At first glance, almost deer like. Close enough so that the very deer themselves take a long, hard, second look. And when the creature takes flight, the deer are not disabused, being fooled by the familiar bounding leaps evanescent as quicksilver.

Chiseled head held aloft on slender arched long neck. Long fine muzzle with a hint of patrician Roman convex. Inquisitive, rosy pigmented nose, protruding just beyond tight, almost smiling lips. Exotic, oblique almond eyes in amber hues, ever youthful, full of mischief. And glory of glories, two large sentinel ears. High set rhomboid radar, turning independently to capture every nuance of sound. Graceful neck smoothly leading into the rise of the withers. Back taut, yet elastic, with loins slightly arched. Croup sloping to a long low set tail. This tail has a life of its own, animated by joy and the presence of prey. This tail is the signal flag for the rest of the pack including the human hunters. Shoulders remarkably flexible, enabling the most wonderfully spectacular airborne leaps in all of dogdom. Suspended in midair the creature “collects” itself and appears to hover. Perfect vantage for sighting the elusive rabbit in dense cover.

Feet are as in the hare, long and oval. Long, clean, flat bladed boned legs with straighter upper arm balanced by well sloping shoulders. This conformation allows for the elegant reach and lift of the suspended trot. Hindquarters are flat muscled and moderately angulated, allowing for the gathering springs of instant action and reaction.

Underline graceful, sweeping and tucked up. Long upper arm with elbow placed forward of the deepest point of the brisket. Overall a creature of stamina and agility, not sprint.

Even with limited palette, there is a delightful array of almost solid reds and whites, irish, splashes and spots. And if that was not enough there are two coats. The sleek and smooth variety and the wire, with crisp harsh hair, furnishings to delight the eye and give a unique and charming character.

And above all the creature, the Ibizan Hound, is kind, humorous, good natured, sometimes obedient, a delight for the eyes and heart.

Nan, 2008